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Source: Sony

Tom Holland Actually Saved Spider-Man By Appealing to Sony and Disney


Everyone has been on the edge of their seats for weeks since it was announced that Spider-Man would no longer be part of the MCU. Marvel and Sony simply couldn't come to an agreement over the character, and it seemed that we, once again, were in for a second-tier Spider-Man separate from the rest of the superheroes.

No one knew if Tom Holland would still play Spider-Man, either! We didn't know what to do, so we channeled all our confusion and heartbreak into making funny memes about it, and we waited for more news. Finally, at the end of September, the powers that be announced that Sony and Disney had reached a deal and that Spider-Man was back in the MCU. Now, we're learning that one person who helped made that happen was Spider-Man himself, Your Friendly Neighborhood Tom Holland.