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Source: Twitter

The Best Jokes and Meme Reactions to the Sony-Marvel Spider-Man Split


By now you're probably aware that there's been a superhero shakeup. Sony and Disney can't seem to come to a deal about the rights to Spider-Man, and so, after several Spider-Man movies that have been tied directly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that partnership might be coming to an end. Will Tom Holland still be our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? How many more times can we stand to watch Uncle Ben die? Fans everywhere and even a celebrity (hint: it's Ryan Reynolds) responded to the controversy the way they know best: by tweeting jokes and making memes. Here are the best ones. (Spoilers ahead if you are one of the 20 people who haven't seen Avengers: Endgame yet.)


Source: Twitter

Well, this poll pretty much sums up people's opinions. Sony is generally considered so incredibly stupid to try to take Spider-Man completely away from Disney. They just can't handle the property on their own!