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The Best Jokes and Meme Reactions to the Sony-Marvel Spider-Man Split



By now you're probably aware that there's been a superhero shakeup. Sony and Disney can't seem to come to a deal about the rights to Spider-Man, and so, after several Spider-Man movies that have been tied directly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that partnership might be coming to an end. Will Tom Holland still be our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? How many more times can we stand to watch Uncle Ben die? Fans everywhere and even a celebrity (hint: it's Ryan Reynolds) responded to the controversy the way they know best: by tweeting jokes and making memes. Here are the best ones. (Spoilers ahead if you are one of the 20 people who haven't seen Avengers: Endgame yet.)


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Well, this poll pretty much sums up people's opinions. Sony is generally considered so incredibly stupid to try to take Spider-Man completely away from Disney. They just can't handle the property on their own!


Honestly, I'm not even sure Sony had enough class to say "Thank you!" when they mercilessly ripped Spider-Man from Disney's oversized, white-gloved hands. Of course, we don't really know how this is all going to go down yet, so remember that caveat when I proceed to get extremely dramatic about all this.

Spider-Man 3

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I don't know what happens to Sony between the second and third Spider-Man movies, but it's not good. It's like they get sucked through a portal where they become incapable of making a good third installment of a series. They should take a lesson from Captain America: Civil War, which, oh, right, is a Marvel movie.

Deadpool/Spider-Man mashup

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Now that Spider-Man might be out of the Marvel universe, he can technically hang with Deadpool or even Venom. Ryan Reynolds responded to the idea of a Deadpool / Spider-Man crossover with this. I'm just wondering how we get tickets to Ryan Reynolds' heart...just for this movie, of course.

Tug o' war

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You know, Spider-Man is strong, but this might be too big of a problem even for him. We need all the Avengers in on this one. Oh, but now they can't be because Spider-Man was unceremoniously ripped away from the MCU.

Wasted life

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I didn't even think about this! If Spider-Man never entered the MCU, would Tony Stark still be alive? Would we have had to endure the emotional toile of the end of Endgame? I can't believe they did this to us!

Shmony Shmark

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This one got me. Why do any superhero movies that aren't in the MCU just feel like sad imitations of real superhero movies? I'm sorry, but it's true. Also, what are they going to do in the third Spider-Man movie, just ignore his entire MCU plotline? 

Not happening

This compilation of Jonathan Frakes saying, "It never happened," in different ways over and over again has become a popular meme, and it makes me laugh every single time, no matter how it's used. This is very good use of it, too.

Poor Uncle Ben

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Poor Uncle Ben. How many more times will be subjected to the sad tale of his death? I think I speak for literally everyone when I say we are over reboots of Spider-Man. Tom Holland should play Spider-Man until he is 96 years old.

The future

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This would be funny if it weren't so possibly true. The way the movie industry is going, in six years there will be four movie characters left, and each of them will be rebooted in a new franchise every three movies.

Officially old

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Well, if this is true, then I am ancient. I remember when Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man. I saw that movie in theaters. I probably saw the second one too. By the third, I was out, and I thought I'd never have to see a Spider-Man movie again. Oh, how wrong I was.


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Now this, this is a good idea! It's also a good reminder that ultimately, none of this matters! We're talking about so much money that could be used to oh, I don't know, do anything other than fund the 70th Spider-Man movie. 


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Listen, I'm here for it. If we're forced to have another Spider-Man, I think we should go with a Spider-Dad. A full-on adorable father figure whose belly might be bulging out of his tight suit but who prioritizes his family and his children. Enough with this high-school superhero crap.

All the Spider-Mans

I have no idea what is going on in this video of people dressed as Spider-Man doing a crazy dance in what looks like a mall but could also be an airport? Or a college campus? But that's besides the point. I also cannot stop watching it. 

The bugs

I didn't even think about how this could potentially affect the Disney parks attractions! And what about all that Avengers/Spider-Man merch?! This is a total mess.

Disappointing reality

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Thanos knows better than anybody how reality can disappoint us. Or he did before this Sony thing happened. Man, what I would give for the ability to snap my fingers and make this whole controversy disappear.

The three Spider-Mans

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Sony has managed to ruin three Spider-Mans! I smell an SNL sketch for next season. It's like the Five-Timers' Club but instead it's a club for all the dudes who've played Spider-Man and been spurned by studios fighting over the property.


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I have an idea. The next Spider-Man movie should star all three of them. Tobey, Andrew, and Tom. It can be like an Into the Spiderverse thing, but it's live-action, and instead of multiple Spider-Men in different universes, it's the same Spider-Man in one terribly annoying universe where studios keep fighting over him.

Our Spider-Man

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You have to admit that Tom Holland did make a good Spider-Man. And if we're not going to get any more of him in the suit, that's kind of a bummer. Especially for him! He should have been able to go out on his own terms.


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Good luck, Sony! There's still time to back out, turn around, and be the hero we need by not being a little baby about Spider-Man. Also, we could also just be done with Spider-Man movies forever! I'd be OK with that, too.

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