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Source: pixar

The 'Toy Story 4' Trailer Just Dropped and Pixar Fans Are Divided


When it comes to animated movie franchises, it doesn't get more iconic than Toy Story. The original made Pixar the first name in family entertainment and rocketed the studio into the stratosphere.

The gist of Pixar's films are simple: let's anthropomorphize things that people wouldn't think have life and tell gut-wrenching stories and make commentaries about humanity in the process.

It's a winning formula that, for the most part — I'm looking at you, Planes and Cars 2 — has yielded movies that are not only box-office successes, but critical ones as well. Pixar's the design studio to beat during awards season with  around 380 awards and 772 nominations to date, in addition to the billions grossed in ticket sales alone. Don't even get me started on merchandise.

So, when it was announced that they'd be making a fourth Toy Story film, fans were understandably very, very excited. All three of the past movies have been nothing short of animated masterpieces and tackled some heavy existential questions using toys that remind us of our youth.

After watching the official trailer for the film, however, fans had a bunch of questions. Like why is so much of the plot "spoiled" and why does Forky play such a big role?