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Source: Getty Images

Trey Lorenz Has Been With Mariah Carey Since Day One


Christmas is fast approaching, which means that Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" is being played on repeat everywhere, whether you want it to be or not. But like every artist topping charts, there is a crew of people behind them helping them get to where they are.

And one of the people behind Mariah is Trey Lorenz.

Trey has been one of Mariah's backup vocalists for years, but he's since branched into a music career of his own.

Who is Trey Lorenz? He's a backup singer for Mariah who was featured on "All I Want for Christmas."

Trey started his music career as a backup vocalist for Mariah. That's right, his first gig was with her — imagine getting your start with someone as famous as Mariah Carey.

He was a supporting vocalist for one of her first tours back in 1990, but she continued to bring him on as a backup. He recorded her album Emotions with her as a backup singer and continued to follow her on other albums and live appearances.