A TikToker Shared Her Genius Hack for Removing Those Stubborn Tupperware Stains

Katherine Stinson - Author

May 8 2023, Published 9:45 p.m. ET

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There are certain vital life skills that one typically doesn't learn from a public education — how to do taxes properly, the vital importance of getting your car's oil changed at a certain amount of miles, and how to remove stains from Tupperware.

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Thankfully, TikTok has a life hack for everything. Including one for how to clean Tupperware properly. So, how do you remove stains from Tupperware? Magic? Sorcery?

No, just some good old fashioned dish soap, paper towels, and stained Tupperware.

A TikTok creator explains how to clean Tupperware
Source: TikTok/@ariganja

A TikTok creator explains how to clean Tupperware

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Details on the TikTok Tupperware cleaning hack.

TikTok creator @ariganja explained that her friend's grandmother introduced her to the holy grail of TikTok cleaning hacks — how to actually remove stains from Tupperware.

So, how does it actually work? She walks viewers through it step by step. The first thing you need to do is rip up a few pieces of paper towels.

The second step is to fill the stained Tupperware in question about a quarter of the way full with water. Then, add a few dollops of dish soap. Throw in the paper towel pieces into the soapy, sudsy mixture, seal the Tupperware tightly, and then shake for a minute or so!

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Source: TikTok

The same TikTok creator does it herself in her Tupperware cleaning TikTok hack video, demonstrating how the combination of soap, water, and paper towels left the Tupperware looking as good as new!

Seriously, why didn't we learn those sorts of life hacks in school?

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So, are there any other interesting TikTok cleaning hacks?

OK, so now that you've rinsed out all of your stained Tupperware (thanks TikTok) are there any other interesting TikTok cleaning hacks that you know, actually work?

YouTuber Mai Zimmy took one for the internet team and tested out several viral TikTok cleaning hacks, including a simple hack that was supposed to clean eyeshadow palettes. She demonstrates that the hack does in fact work by wrapping her setting powder container with a baby wipe and gently wiping the container across her eyeshadow palette.

Source: YouTube
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Obviously, the concern would be eyeshadow colors spreading to other colors, but in Mai's video, it's clear that the hack collects the residue from around each eyeshadow circle without accidentally blending colors.

Another TikTok cleaning hack that works incredibly well, per Mai's own test, is the DIY wrinkle releaser, which is basically a one to four ratio of fabric softener to water.

Mai compares spraying store-bought wrinkle releaser spray with the DIY spray, and the DIY recipe ends up working just as well! She also finds success with the TikTok hack of keeping shoelaces in the dryer door in order to decrease the noise a dryer makes when attempting to dry off tennis shoes before wearing them again.

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Source: YouTube

Marie Kondo once famously said, "Let go of things that don't spark joy," so we're definitely holding on tight to these TikTok cleaning hacks because they've made cleaning a lot easier (and less expensive!)

Do you have any favorite TikTok cleaning hacks?

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