TikTok: Bar Manager Says Applicant Demanded $40 an Hour Plus 115 Percent Tips for Bartending Job

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May 8 2023, Updated 5:39 p.m. ET

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Bartender (1939)

According to Merriam-Webster, hubris is "exaggerated pride or self-confidence." And while that seems subjective — how can one really measure pride or self-confidence levels? — once in a while it's pretty obvious. Take this bartender, for example. When applying for a job, he had some fairly specific requests when it comes to compensation.

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Everyone deserves a livable wage, but what if your wage came at the expense of others? As always, TikTok was on hand to put a dude on blast for wanting 40 bucks an hour plus a very unreasonable request. He was definitely serving an ego.

TikTok about a guy wanting 40 an hour to bartend.
Source: TikTok@chocolatemilkbrothers

This guy interviewed a bartender who wanted 40 an hour plus 115 percent of the tips.

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A bar manager on TikTok said that a bartender applicant wanted 40 dollars an hour. It's giving unearned confidence.

TikTok user @chocolatemilkbrothers, whose bio promises "comedic takes on Wisconsin stereotypes," dropped a story about one man's quest to literally have it all. In the TikTok, he weaves a wild story about one bartender's job interview wherein he tried to bite off more than he could, or should, chew.

Initially, the TikToker said the interview was a success based entirely on the bartender's résumé: "He had 10 years of bartending experience, three of which was on the Las Vegas Strip."

When it comes to salary, it's best to be as transparent as possible. Most people can be a bit cagey with money, so it's always important to clearly state what you want. Even if what you're asking for is wildly unhinged.

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The position was offering $12 an hour plus 100 percent of the tips, which per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is almost the national average. As of May 2022 it's a little over $14 an hour. Bear in mind, this amount is location-dependent.

Let's assume this job was in Wisconsin because @chocolatemilkbrothers shouted that state out in his TikTok bio. The average hourly wage of a bartender in Wisconsin is $13.59. However, the bartender countered with a very different amount.

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"That's not gonna to be enough," the applicant said in the interview, according to the TikToker. "I need 30 an hour plus 15 percent of the tips."

Now, you're probably asking yourself where that 15 is coming from.

"Traditionally how this works is, I keep all of my tips plus 15 percent of other bartenders' tips," said the interviewee in what can only be describe as a selfish tone.

Bartender pouring juice into cocktail shaker - stock photo
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So, did he get the job?

Thankfully, @chocolatemilkbrothers wasn't having any of this foolishness.

"Right, well unfortunately that wouldn't exactly be fair to the other bartenders," he responded during the interview.

The applicant then crossed his arms and "looked at me like he was making a deal at a pawn shop on grandma's earrings" while countering with a somehow more baffling offer, per the TikToker.

"OK, 40 an hour plus 100 percent of tips. That's my final offer or I'm walking," said the deeply out-of-touch bartender.

Incidentally he did not get the job, and commenters were predictably shocked. "Maybe he was going to use his own alcohol," suggested one person.

In general, most folks were aghast at wanting the tips from other bartenders. Here's a tip: Don't do that.

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