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Source: MLive

What Led to Uber Killer Jason Dalton's Rampage? Plus, How His Survivors Are Now


Most people see Uber as the best way to get home safely after a night out, but on the night of February 20, 2016, several users of the app in Kalamazoo unwittingly found themselves in a car with a mass killer. Jason Brian Dalton, who was sentenced earlier this month to life in prison without the possibility of parole, went on a shooting spree that evening, killing six and injuring two others before the now 48-year-old convicted murderer was apprehended.

During and immediately after the shootings, Dalton accepted several Uber fares, which he completed without major incident — though one passenger warned friends on social media about her erratic ride with him. Another customer even jokingly asked Dalton if he was the killer who was on the loose. Read on for more details on Dalton, his killing spree, and the victims of his rampage.

Why the Uber driver killed — according to Dalton himself.

Jason Dalton of Cooper Township, Michigan, pursued an education in law enforcement but, according to a friend, ultimately opted not to pursue it as a career, since it would have meant relocating. Instead, he retrained as an auto mechanic in Laramie, Wyoming and worked both as a mechanic and an insurance adjuster.  At the time of his crimes he was supplementing his income by driving for Uber.