Employee Sends Progressively More “Unhinged” Email Signatures Until Her Boss Notices

A woman has been documenting all of the "unhinged" emails sign-offs she's been sending her boss in a series of hilarious TikToks.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Aug. 22 2023, Published 9:28 a.m. ET

Woman Uses “Unhinged” Email Sign-Offs Until Her Boss Notices
Source: TikTOk | @bodybytacobell

No matter how great a situation is, human beings inevitably tend to get bored with them. It's probably why NBA stars who are beloved by fans and make tens of millions of dollars per season and nab giant endorsement deals go out of their way to mess it up.

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Or why a number of billionaires and wildly successful/influential people ended up becoming absolutely miserable despite their accomplishments?

Perhaps the key to "staying in the game" is to, day in, day out, create enjoyment for yourself out of any circumstance, even with the most mundane of tasks.

And it seems that a TikToker named Kayla (@bodybytacobell) has found a way to do just that with the "unhinged" sign-offs she's been putting in her emails at work.

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Source: TikTOk | @bodybytacobell

The social media user regularly uploads a variety of corporate-themed content on her page, like corporate insults, some memes she made for fellow "overworked and underpaid" employees, and comments on some of her favorite 2-week notices.

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One part of her multi-level saga about the "unhinged" corporate sign-offs she's been implementing, racking up a whopping 74,000+ likes. In it, she details some of the messages she's been sneaking into her e-correspondence and seeing if her boss would realize what's going on.

Here are some of the ones she showed off in the video:

  • Thinkin' with my d---
  • Glock tucked, big t-shirt, Billie Eilish
  • Two somethin', and I'm doing something,
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unhinged email sign offs
Source: TikTOk | @bodybytacobell

They went on:

  • it's hard out here for a BBW
  • On the edge,
  • There's no toilet paper in the bathroom, don't ask how I know,
  • Do you feel Bonita? Cause you look Bonita
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Remember when we said that it was a multi-part series? She posted at least 12 compilations of all of these sign-offs as well, here are a few more she's made a part of her daily correspondence workflow:

  • Considering arson,
  • Bite me,
  • Not slim, most definitely shady,
  • I hope this email finds you constipated

The hits just kept on coming:

  • Too much panic, not enough disco,
  • Yeed my last haw,
  • What kind of f----- is this,
  • Off the silly goose juice,
  • eat glass,
  • chasing the dopamine,
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unhinged email sign offs
Source: TikTOk | @bodybytacobell

Then there were some that felt like the confessions of an office worker — the way they really feel about their job and what they'd want to say to the email recipient:

  • If you have any further questions, find someone else to ask,
  • Stay schemin,
  • Peace out, Girl Scout
  • Small weena, big dreama,
  • Two words, one finger,
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  • mama didn't raise no pendeja,
  • Another fine day ruined by responsibility,
  • maybe swearing will help,
  • I have rabies,
  • respectfully no,

A number of TikTokers who saw her posts were cracking up at the email sign-offs, including someone who said that they worked in their company's human resources department: "As HR, I'm game lol"

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unhinged email sign offs
Source: TikTOk | @bodybytacobell

Someone else joked that her sense of humor would make her a shoo-in for new hires at her respective place of work: "I’m hiring Kayla 11 out of 10 times."

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Another person said that they were going to try and adopt Kayla's approach to email signatures when conversing with their own boss: "Paitently waiting for a reason to send my boss an email so that I can do this."

It would seem that there are other people who've done similar things at their own jobs, like one person who penned: "My signature says 'you’ll never take me alive' nobody has yet to say anything"

Looks like folks either don't read the signatures or they're just too scared to say anything, how else would've Kayla gotten away with so many video compilations?

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