Relatable #BamaRushTok Influencer Bama Morgan Cut by Sororities

Morgan Cadenhead, known on TikTok as Bama Morgan, gained thousands of followers by documenting her Bama Rush recruiting process.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Aug. 21 2023, Published 4:21 p.m. ET

The week-long 2023 Alabama Rush ended on Aug. 20, with many female college students gathering at The University of Alabama to join one of its sororities.

Bama Rush has become a social media frenzy as PNMs (Potential New Members) document their experiences on personal accounts, with influencers like Morgan Cadenhead — better known as Bama Morgan, or @@on_thedaily_with_morgan on TikTok — gaining attention for their relatable and funny attitude toward the Rush process.

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After finding social media success, many of Morgan’s followers were stunned to learn the 18-year-old student wasn’t selected to join any of The University of Alabama’s sororities. Since then, those invested in her story demand answers on why she was dropped.

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Who is Bama Morgan?

When she began posting about her Bama Rush experience, Bama Morgan’s TikTok grew exponentially. Many of her videos strayed away from the typical OOTDs riddled with David Yurman bracelets and the Pants Store and a “perfect” lens of the rigorous week. Instead, Bama Morgan kept it real with her audience and shared the problematic moments of Rush.

In many of her Rush-related videos, Bama Morgan often complained of the grueling tasks with funny soundbites, recorded her OOTDs behind a messy bedroom, and chugged orange juice while calling the week “miserable” and “exhausting.”

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However, she seemed invested in the process and was hopeful she would get selected into one of the sororities she applied for. Sadly, Morgan’s plans of getting picked for a sorority didn’t come to fruition.

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Why did Bama Morgan get dropped?

On Sunday, Aug. 20, she and the other 2023 PNMs woke up before dawn to a 6:30 am phone call from their recruitment counselors, known as Sigma Rho Chis, per Insider. The Sigma Rho Chis typically call the girls welcomed into the sororities to end Rush Week.

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Morgan recorded a TikTok leading up to what she believed would be her “pref” call — aka the decision of which sorority of her choice voted her in. She then recorded herself getting ready for the announcement and posted a clip of herself wearing an adorable white dress.

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Unfortunately, Morgan’s GRWM (Get Ready With Me) was interrupted by a devastating update. In the same video, Morgan revealed that she didn’t get a call from her Rho Chi, meaning she wasn’t selected to join any sorority.

"Update, my Rho Chi just did not call me at 6:30,” Morgan shared with her followers. “Which is really hard," she said. "I'll see you guys in a minute."

Morgan finished her video by thanking 174,000 followers for their “support” of her wild ride. She then said her family was coming to her school to visit and support her through the unfortunate moment.

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#BamaRushTikTok has several theories as to why Bama Morgan got dropped.

Morgan’s denial from the sororities soon sparked debates on #BamaRushTok. Many commenters who followed Morgan’s story claimed her “nonchalant” approach was one reason she wasn’t selected during Bama Rush. Others said she didn’t fit the “look” of a typical PNM due to her lack of robust trendy looks.

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One TikToker, Sammy (@samantharoseeeee), believes Morgan’s style (or lack thereof) had nothing to do with her denial from the sororities. According to the influencer, who is also in one of the university’s sororities, Morgan’s denial had more to do with the negative attention Bama Rush has received over the last few years.

Since its rise on TikTok, many social media users have become more invested in the behind-the-scenes moments of the recruitment process. The weeklong events even became the subject of Max’s May 2023 documentary of the same name.

Due to this, Sammy believes that the Rho Chis wanted to recruit more “open-minded” and less willing to show the negative aspects of Rush Week. Sammy also said Morgan’s complaints of how expensive Rush Week can be, which her followers could also relate to, didn’t help her with the Rho Chis.

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She kind of dragged out that narrative a little bit too far,” Sammy explained. "To the point where it looks like she just didn't wanna be there.” “And dragging out the whole not having money type thing,” she continued. “I don't care whether she has money, but if you're gonna milk something or drag something out, I don't think being broke should be it."

Morgan hasn’t responded to Sammy or other TikTokers on her account.

Despite her devastation, Morgan didn’t share why she was dropped from the sororities she applied for during Bama Rush.

In another video from Aug. 20, she said she was grateful for the support she received during Rush Week. Morgan also said she had no hard feelings towards the girls who the Rho Chis called back and that she was “so happy” for them and “can’t wait to see what they do next.”

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