Sorority Kicks Out Member for Having a Stalker — and for Standing on an “Elevated Surface”

In a two-part video series, one TikTok creator got candid about the dark reason her sorority kicked her out at the University of Alabama.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jun. 28 2023, Published 2:29 p.m. ET

TikTok creator @iamsydneythomas shares story of why her sorority kicked her out for having a stalker
Source: TikTok/@iamsydneythomas

It’s no secret that sororities and fraternities create constant controversy. From a sorority fining a member $4,000 when her father got cancer to the Bama Rush documentary findings, Greek life tends to perpetuate scandal after scandal.

And this TikTok creator’s story is no different.

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In a two-part video series, @iamsydneythomas (Sydney Thomas) got candid about why her sorority at the University of Alabama kicked her out of Greek life.

The creator explained that she committed several minor infractions alongside a few of her sorority sisters; however, the primary reason for her removal was far more sinister.

Here’s what happened.

TikTok creator @iamsydneythomas shares story of why her sorority kicked her out for having a stalker
Source: TikTok/@iamsydneythomas
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A woman says she was kicked out of her sorority for having a stalker.

In her viral video, Sydney revealed that a person had been stalking her for several months on social media, but she didn’t think much of it at first. The Bama student clarified that she immediately blocked the man when he exhibited strange behavior online.

And it wasn’t until later that the creator discovered the true gravity of the situation. Sydney said that her sorority later contacted her and revealed that a man had written them a bizarre email, and she recognized his name.

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Afterward, the creator opened Facebook Messenger for the first time in months and found hundreds of messages from the person who had emailed her sorority.

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“He had this whole fantasy that we were dating [and] I was in a relationship with him,” the former sorority member explained. “And he would get mad at me for cheating on him. I had no idea that this was going on.”

Because Sydney hadn’t responded to his Facebook messages, he emailed her sorority, claiming that horrible things were happening to her and that he would “expose the sorority” because they were responsible.

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“[My sorority] reads this [email], and obviously, [it’s] not a good look,” the creator recalled. Fortunately, law enforcement and the University of Alabama got involved, and Sydney is safe now.

However, that didn’t stop her sorority from kicking her out.

The University of Alabama student explained other reasons why her sorority dropped her.

While Sydney’s stalker situation was the main reason her sorority kicked her out, it wasn’t the only one. In part one of her two-part video series, the creator elaborated on two additional factors that got her the boot at Bama.

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The first? Standing on an “elevated surface.”

Yes, you read that right.

Sydney revealed that her sorority called her into a judicial board meeting and told her it was against the rules to stand on an elevated surface within her first three months of being a member of Greek life.

The creator clarified that a band had pulled her and several of her sorority sisters onstage during Parents' Weekend. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t realize the stage qualified as one of the “specific elevated surfaces” she wasn’t allowed to be on.

Her sorority also reprimanded her and her sisters for going to a bar — despite older members telling them it was OK.

However, because of Sydney’s significant social media following — which deemed her a “liability” — and stalker fiasco, she was the only one of her sorority sisters kicked out of Greek life.

“I don’t think I was built to be a sorority girl,” the creator concluded.

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