Makayla Culpepper Is No Longer Banned on TikTok, But the Drama Isn't Over


Aug. 16 2021, Updated 2:27 p.m. ET

One recent TikTok trend called "Alabama Rush" TikTok gives viewers a look inside sorority rush week at the University of Alabama and elsewhere. Quick to hop on the trend, TikTok user Makayla Culpepper started showing what outfits she would be wearing to each sorority rush event. After going viral with others re-creating her videos, Makayla is a certified internet star.

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However, Makayla was banned by TikTok from posting further videos. But why did this happen and is she still forbidden from posting? Here's everything we know about the situation and what's happened in its aftermath.

Makayla Culpepper and a friend.
Source: Instagram
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Makayla's videos may have been flagged when people accused her of Blackfishing (trying to appear to have darker skin than she actually does).

Makayla's TikTok handle is @whatwouldjimmybuffettdo, and she recently updated her bio to read, "Blocked from posting so I can’t update, also shadowbanned." Many are confused about the reasoning behind her blocking because her videos have been harmless fun outfit posting, but briefly, in one video, she mentions that people have been trying to "cancel" her for using a tanning bed.

Source: TikTok
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"I just want to clarify I am mixed, so to everyone trying to cancel me for going to the tanning bed and being this dark is kinda dumb," Makayla begins her video, but seemingly, this was not enough for some users. Internet rumors claim that not only was Makayla banned from TikTok for seemingly no reason but she was also accused of faking her Southern accent.

Additionally, while unconfirmed, the internet was wild with rumors that Makayla had been dropped from all the sororities she rushed, likely in response to the TikTok drama.

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@makaylaculpepper Makayla Culpepper is back on TikTok.
Source: Instagram

Thankfully, Makayla posted on her Instagram story on Aug. 15, 2021, to explain that she would be allowed back on the platform that night and had a draft already prepared to explain the reasons for her shadowbanning. Her "ootd" or Outfit of the Day TikToks from rush have garnered an average of 1 million views per video, and people are clearly loving the looks.

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Fans from TikTok have flooded Makayla's Instagram comments with words of support after realizing she had been banned, despite the fact Makayla's last post is from over a year ago. "JUSTICE FOR MAKAYLA!" One user proclaimed. Another user wrote, "School starts the 18, those houses will be burned by noon. You deserved better queen. It’s giving jealousy and racism." This alludes to the fact that Makayla has seemingly been removed from her rushes for no reason.

Source: TikTok
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Makayla is back on TikTok.

As of August 15, Makayla finally able to post on TikTok again but it's a little bittersweet. In a post from August 15, she says that she didn't get into a sorority. She says that she got the call at 6 a.m. that she didn't get a bid but she's looking at the bright side of the situation. "I'm going to be better off," she says.

Source: TikTok
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Makayla continues saying that the "Old Row" video, the original video of hers that went viral, was made last October and she wasn't drunk when she made it even though she was at a bar.

And she says that there are girls who knew her in high school coming forward now to say she was a bully back then.

Makayla denies all of this and says she never did anything "unwarranted." She also says that this behavior says more about their character since they all only are speaking up now that she's gained a following. In a caption, she says that she hasn't seen these people since she was 17 and met them when she was 16.

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