'Unpolished' Star Lexi Martone and Joe Fraumeni Have Officially Split

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Feb. 23 2021, Updated 8:50 p.m. ET

'Unpolished' Lexi Martone
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Living your life in front of the cameras comes with a lot of pros and cons. While you’ll be able to boost your celebrity, the sense of privacy that you used to have is officially over. So, it makes sense why some reality television stars and celebrities prefer to keep their private life away from the cameras. 

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And if you’re a fan of Lexi Martone on the TLC hit show Unpolished, then you know that she is notorious for keeping her relationships private. And while fans had knowledge of her boyfriend Joe Fraumeni for quite some time, many people have been wondering about their status since she’s been so tight-lipped about it. 

So, are Lexi and Joe from 'Unpolished' still coupled up?

There is no argument that the Long Island nail artist has a deep affinity for privacy. After all, fans of Unpolished know all about her sister Bria Martone's relationship and engagement with Matt Mancuso via the show and social media. However, Lexi likes to keep things close to the vest and we're not mad at all. After all, people break up and get back together everyday.

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And that's the case for Lexi, at least on the break up front. If you've been keeping up with Unpolished, then you're likely aware that Lexi and Joe have called it quits. And while Lexi has been quiet about the reason for their separation, she recently spilled the beans. 

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In a recent Instagram live before the premiere of Season 2, both Lexi and Bria got really candid with fans. Many viewers inquired about Joe and their relationship. And as the same questions came pouring in about the status of Lexi and Joe, Bria put everything to rest by yelling, "he’s non-existent."

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So, it's safe to say that Lexi and Joe are no longer an item. It also looks like her Instagram page has been scrubbed clean of any pictures of the former couple, which serves as another confirmation that the two are done. 

On Season 2 Episode 4, Lexi also opened up about what truly led to the falling out of her relationship. She explained to her friend Ashley that their personalities were completely different. Not to mention, she also said that Joe was getting in the way of her ambitions and that she didn't want someone like that in her life. 

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And it didn't take long for fans to annihilate Joe on social media.

There's nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone that you feel is holding you back. And while some people decide to keep the relationship going, it's smart of Lexi to cut ties before she begins to resent Joe.

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Many fans wasted no time sharing their opinions of Joe. And we have to say that their opinions have some value. Some people think that she can do better while others think she was talking around her real issues with Joe. 

On the flip side, other fans praised Lexi for her work ethic and business acumen. And with that, many viewers believe that Joe was simply not a good match for the star.

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That said, fans are ready for Lexi to get back into the swing of dating. Everyone deserves love, after all. However, there is no telling if Lexi will be open with her dating life since history shows that she likes to keep things out of the public eye.

While Lexi's dating life will continue to be a hot topic for fans, this season of Unpolished is set to serve up the right amount of drama and nail art to satisfy fans of the show.

Catch new episodes of Unpolished on Tuesdays 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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