"Watch the Ring Camera for a Good Laugh" — UPS Driver Falls on Porch

In a viral video, a UPS driver falls on porch during a home delivery and mentions it in a note for the residents to laugh at later.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Aug. 10 2023, Published 2:42 p.m. ET

It’s safe to say that most people can’t handle embarrassment. Most folks make it a point not to publicly address embarrassing moments or simply act like it never happened — and we don’t blame them.

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Unfortunately, one person’s embarrassment is another’s person gain. Social media has made it a point to share hilarious content online — from witty kids to pranks among children and adults. That said, one person decided to share a laugh with folks via TikTok.

In a TikTok video, a UPS driver falls on a porch while making a delivery and proceeds to leave a note for the residents to watch his fall on their Ring camera. Here’s the full scoop.

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A UPS driver in a truck
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A UPS driver falls on a porch in a viral video.

Down goes Frazier! In a Aug. 6, 2023, TikTok video, creator Steven B. (@astro.knot) shared a video of himself taking a tumble on a porch after making a delivery.

“Took a little tumble this Friday lol had to ask the homeowners for the video,” the video caption reads.

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As the video starts, you can see the UPS driver holding a delivery receipt that shows the message he left to the homeowners after taking a fall.

“I just fell so bad on your porch. Watch the ring camera for a good laugh. LOL. Text me the video please,” the note reads as he ends it with his phone number.

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Clearly, the homeowners have a sense of humor because they sent Steven the video with no problems. Moments later, the video shows how Steven ended up on the ground.

Steven can be seen walking up to the porch, up a few steps, and leaving the package at the door. He then rings the doorbell and walks away while looking at his UPS monitor.

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At that point, Steven instantly trips over his foot and his face meets the ground. Luckily, he put his hands out to break his fall that could have potentially ruined his grill. Steven pops up off the floor, walks away, and looks back to see if anyone caught his unfortunate incident.

The video ends with a message that reads, “Have a good day.”

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TikTok users appreciate Steven’s playful side and that the homeowners sent the video to him.

Chile … most people would rather die than share footage of themselves falling online. However, Steven’s ability to laugh at himself has won over the hearts of people on TikTok.

“The way you looked back at it like it had done it on purpose 😂😂,” one person said.

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“This happened to me once, the owner claimed that she didn’t have the videos but I think she was afraid of getting sued for some reason,” another user shared.

“Please 😂😂😂😂 I’d request a new route immediately but you’re asking for the proof lol,” a person chimed in.

Given that Steven received such a warm response from people online, it’s safe to say that he may continue sharing embarrassing videos on the internet to entertain the masses.

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