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Source: twitter

UPS Sends Mass Text to Everyone Who Missed Package Deliveries, Turns into Huge Hangout


A group of people who missed their UPS deliveries ended up becoming new friends thanks to a text-mix up from the delivery service.

Not getting a package on time is always annoying, especially when an "attempted" delivery is made when you're just chilling on the couch scrolling through your Instagram feed because you got sidetracked by finally settling on something to watch on Netflix.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, gone are the days when the only notice get about a missed package was hastily scribbled on a sheet of paper in barely legible handwriting stuck to your front door. If your roommates, the wind, or rain didn't make short work of it by the time you actually made it back home, you'd still be forced to decipher what was written on that slip to find out what happened to your package.

Because we've got stuff now like text tracking and the ability to view the delivery status of our stuff online, we know where our packages are at all times, which is not only comforting, but also hella convenient.

That is, so long as whoever's using this technology knows what they're doing. Sadly, whoever sent this text from UPS accidentally sent a group text to everyone in a Brooklyn neighborhood who missed a delivery.