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Source: YouTube

This Actually Isn’t the First Time Vanna White Has Hosted 'Wheel of Fortune'


It’s a particularly exciting time to be a fan of Wheel of Fortune, and a rather nerve-wracking time to be Vanna White. Vanna will be taking over for Pat Sajak and hosting the show for a couple of weeks as he recovers from emergency surgery. We’re all rooting for her and know she’s going to do a great job, but we did wonder: How many times has Vanna White hosted Wheel of Fortune? The answer might actually surprise even the most dedicated Wheel fans.

How many times has Vanna White hosted Wheel of Fortune?

There are actually multiple answers to this question depending on how you consider it. On Vanna White’s IMDb page, she is officially credited as a Hostess of the show and has been since she first started working on Wheel back in 1982. So technically, Vanna has hosted the show nearly 7,000 times, thank you very much.