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Source: Getty

Victoria Beckham Undergoes Surgery on Her Teeth and Is Left With a Lisp (REPORT)


It's not surprising that Hollywood's elite regularly undergoes procedures to make sure their appearance is flawless. However, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was reportedly left with a bit of a speech impediment after going through surgery on her teeth.

“Victoria jetted to LA to visit one of the best dentists in town to get all her teeth sorted in one fell swoop," a friend told The Sun. And, Posh was allegedly left with a lisp after having almost $40,000 worth of dental work.

Victoria Beckham undergoes surgery on teeth, but is reportedly left with a lisp.

According to The Sun, "[Victoria's] veneers were replaced and her gums given a good going-over, but afterwards she could barely speak. She had developed a very pronounced lisp, and David and the kids were really taking the mick." While the clothing entrepreneur may have been the butt of her family's jokes, she was reportedly "seething."