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Source: TikTok

Try Not Laughing at This TikTok Teen Who Got a Harmonica Stuck in Her Mouth


TikTok is probably the only video sharing platform to capture the same type of public fervor as Vine did in its heyday, and new users are flocking to their smartphones every minute to share potentially meme-able content to grow their following and establish themselves as entertainers of sorts. Or maybe they just want to goof off and tickle some people's funny bones. If you've spent any time browsing popular clips on the app, then you'll notice things can get weird pretty quickly.

Like this dude who "reviews" food by saying the names of items he's about to scarf down and broadcasts his enjoyment of what he's about to eat in anticipation. His money shot, however, is when he says his patented phrase, "Chicken Leg Piece." It drives people nuts and I have to be honest, although I can't explain why, I totally get why.