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Source: YouTube

What Is the Deal With This TikTok 'Chicken Leg Piece' Video People Are Obsessed With?


Internet trends and memes don't even pretend to make sense, and it seems like that phenomenon is at its most absurd on Vine's short video replacement, TikTok, that all of the cool kids are using these days. While there are plenty of bizarre trending videos to be found on the platform, a recent series people are referring to as "Chicken Leg Piece" are some of the weirdest things I've ever seen and they require an explanation.

In one video, for example, we're presented with a man who appears to be Desi and is rocking a dope mustache, a track jacket with no shirt on underneath that's zipped open enough to show off a (tasteful?) amount of chest hair. He's flossing numerous pieces of tacky jewelry, and is following instructions on a laptop that gives him clues as to what he should do next. First, he slurps what appears to be some nihari type soup.