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Tik Tok Users Are Supposedly Letting a Filter Decide Where to Pierce Their Faces


One of several recent "challenges" to sweep TikTok is "piercing roulette," where users on the social media app use a piercing filter on Snapchat to randomly select a facial piercing placement. And then they supposedly get that same piercing on their actual face.

Though it appears not a ton of people are flocking to tattoo and piercing salons because of the challenge, a few TikTok users have taken the dare seriously — in a few cases even piercing themselves, which is super not recommended. Most of the people who seemed to legitimately get pierced left the needle in the hands of a licensed pro, thankfully.

Is the TikTok piercing challenge fake?

Depends on the user and how pure you think the results should be. Someone with the username @traplordmeaghan didn't fake her piercing, but she did fake the randomness of the "roulette" aspect of the challenge — by her own admission.