Vishal Parvani's Older Brother Is a "Very Macho Guy" Who Has Yet to Appear on 'Family Karma'

Vishal Parvani is feuding with Dillon Patel on Season 2 of 'Family Karma,' which has brought up memories of his own older brother.

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Jun. 9 2021, Published 5:45 p.m. ET

Vishal Parvani
Source: Bravo

Though Family Karma is all about a tight-knit circle of Indian American families who have been friends for decades, there are certain relatives who have yet to appear on the show.

The hit Bravo series returned for a second season on June 2, and the main source of contention is between Vishal Parvani and newbie Dillon Patel. In the debut episode of Season 2, "Welcome Back Karma," Vishal threatens Dillon with physical violence for speaking about his relationship with Richa Sadana.

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As the two are discussing their issues, Vishal mentions that his older brother would often "beat [him] up" when the two were growing up. Because Vishal's brother has yet to appear on Family Karma, fans began to wonder if something had happened between the Parvani siblings.

Source: Bravo
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Vishal Parvani's discusses his brother on the 'Family Karma' Season 2 premiere.

While Vishal initially thought of Dillon Patel as a "little brother" figure, the reality stars are not getting along on Family Karma.

"The little kid that you couldn't shake off your leg," Vishal says during the Season 2 premiere. "That's Dillon. He's the ankle biter."

After Brian Benni, Amrit Kapai, Shaan Patel, Vishal, and Dillon play basketball together, the commercial real estate agent decides to ask Dillon why he's been discussing his engagement and his sexuality.

"I'm glad you're back, but if you ever talk s--t about me, I'm going to like put your face in the f-----g ground..." Vishal tells Dillon. "I'm just giving you a warning."

Later on in the episode, Dillon is visibly emotional about Vishal's threat. He tells many of his co-stars about their chat on the basketball court, and his brother, Shaan, decides to intervene.

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When Vishal and Shaan speak at Brian's 29th birthday party, Richa's on-again-off-again fiancée refuses to back down. In his confessional, Vishal explains that he wants the others to understand that "words have consequences."

"Dillon is like my little brother, and my older brother never took any s--t from me," Vishal says. "He always put me in my place, and every time I was annoying him, he would beat me up and teach me a lesson. I learned a lot of lessons growing up."

Source: Bravo
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In their individual confessionals, several of the other Family Karma stars discuss the dynamic between Vishal and his brother.

"Vishal's older brother is a very macho guy," Anisha Ramakrishna says.

"He's a bro," Brian agrees. "I would say he's a bro."

Vishal's best friend, Amrit, notes that the two had a very normal sibling relationship.

"They would get in a lot of physical fights," Amrit confirms. "I mean, if you tell me a sibling pair doesn't fight, I call bulls--t."

Who is Vishal Parvani's brother?

The Bravo star has a brother named Sanjeet Parvani. It is important to note that is unclear whether this is the brother who is mentioned on the Season 2 premiere, as Vishal is reportedly the youngest child in his family.

Vishal and his parents appear on the show together, but the other Parvani family members lead more private lives.

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Vishal's mother, Reshma Parvani, often posts photos on Instagram with Sanjeet. Her other son has been married to Kiara Parvani since 2013, and the two share a daughter together.

Family Karma airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Viewers can also catch up on or on Hulu.

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