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Source: istock

These Countries Banned Parents From Smacking Their Children — the US Isn't One of Them


Wales may become the first country in the United Kingdom to make it illegal for parents to spank their children.

I'm torn on the idea of corporal punishment. Personally, I grew up with the threat of a beating lurking around the corner if I ever acted out, was disrespectful to my teachers, or was doing anything generally crummy or terrible. My mom would reinforce what it meant to be "good" and my father reminded us of what was in store if we weren't.

I didn't get hit a lot (mostly because I was a good kid) and the times I did get smacked it was usually because I was being super disrespectful. Now that I have kids of my own, I can't find it in myself to hit them, ever. I have had to literally tear my toddler off the floor when he's thrown temper tantrums and hold him close to me after he starts thrashing about — it's not pretty.

When I think back to my childhood and if I ever did that, I can still feel the sting of a belt or a wire hanger on my butt. Not fun.

My wife and I vowed to never hit our kids (we were on the same page well before we had them) and there are tons of studies that prove corporal punishment is pretty much always a horrible idea. Whenever my son is ever in one of his moods, I try to turn the situation around (because toddlers aren't interested in boring "talking") by making the situation fun. Sometimes I pretend to be in a bad mood, too, and start thrashing about — then he starts acting like the adult and tells me to stop. It's a weird game we've created together that keeps us aware of our feelings, and it works.