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Source: youtube

Dad Fed His Kids Laxatives Then Recorded Them Crying in Pain for YouTube Views

By Mustafa Gatollari

Cordero James Brady is a popular YouTuber with 5.6 million subscribers. His bubbly, YT-brand of enthusiasm is a shared trait of many vloggers.

Many of his video entries include his children and their reactions to him doing amazing things for his family. Like surprising them with a mega mansion, and dropping his kids off on the first day of school in a ridiculously tricked-out Camaro.

But a quick scroll through his feed reveals a trove of pranks that he pulls on his kids. Whether it's scaring them, convincing them he's cut their hair, destroying their toys, or tricking them into thinking they lost their house, CJ has racked up millions and millions of views on pranking his kids alone.