"I Can't Believe I Got This on Camera" — Walmart Worker Catches Shot of Karen Looking for Raisins

A Walmart worker inadvertently caught a quick glimpse of a Karen being a Karen while she was looking for raisins. The short exchange drew some reaction.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 2 2023, Updated 4:09 p.m. ET

A conflict with a Karen in the wild can be something of a unifying event when it's captured on camera and shown to the world. We don't always get the full picture from a video, but if a white woman starts flaunting her privilege and unearned confidence over innocent people, you can bet that people are gonna pull out their phones to expose them for the jerks that they are. More often than not, pulling out a camera on a Karen can be a spur of the moment.

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In one wild Karen convergence, however, one Walmart worker accidentally caught a quick but concise Karen act completely by accident. This employee's short video tells us everything we need to know about this particular Karen who was out shopping for raisins and had to let everyone know. Let's break down the video.

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A Walmart employee caught a Karen being a Karen while she was on the clock.

Xiomara Castro on TikTok (@xiomaraa_caastro) typically posts life updates, lip-sync vids, and posts about her job at Walmart. However, one of her work-related videos went completely viral after she accidentally caught a Karen Karening it up.

In her video posted in late October 2023, Xiomara had her phone recording for unknown reasons. At the time of recording, she was about to help out a Spanish-speaking customer who had approached her first. Of course, line order wouldn't exactly matter much to a Karen now, would it?

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As soon as Xiomara starts helping out the first customer, the second customer butts as if nothing else was going on.

"I'm looking for raisins," the second customer demanded, as if Xiomara was meant to drop the previous customer entirely.

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To her credit, Xiomara handled it with grace. She politely told the other customer in English that she would help the initial customer first before assisting her.

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Unfortunately, the Karen just had to double down on her interruption.

"Okay, but could you answer my question?" she demanded.

Luckily, Xiomara was able to continue helping the first customer without much apparent fuss before Xiomara stopped the video. But let's break down what happened here.

Xiomara was already talking to one customer before the second customer interjected. She couldn't have been more than a couple of feet away, so she must have seen Xiomara speaking with someone before her. However, the woman couldn't be bothered to wait patiently for her turn and practically demanded that all involved parties drop what they were doing to find her some raisins.

The woman herself doesn't appear in the video, but she sounds and behaves like a total Karen. No doubt about it.

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Folks in the comments section agree that the woman's behavior was totally uncalled for.

One person commented, "People have no patience."

Another wrote, "Can't she just look for them? I mean, it's a store with aisles."

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Plenty of folks also applauded Xiomara's response to the situation.

"I loved that you just ignored her," one TikToker wrote. "A lot of people don't realize that this type of customer just likes starting drama so if you talk back, it'll just escalate.

"Love that she just ignored the rudeness and [didn't] waste the other customer's time and she just helped her," another user wrote.

Not everyone is prepared to have to diffuse a Karen situation, but props to Xiomara to handle one with all the grace and professionalism needed.

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