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The Creepy Waya Woman Legend Featured on 'Mountain Monsters' Has Local Residents Confused



West Virginia is SO hot right now thanks to John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" that became a meme sensation because the internet's a randomly hilarious place and also because it's an absolute banger of a track. Travel Channel's Mountain Monsters may have had something to do with it too. 

The group of "professional hillbilly hunters" on the program are constantly on the lookout for mythical beings, like the Waya Woman of Jackson County, West Virginia.

Who is the Waya Woman featured on Mountain Monsters in West Virginia?

AIMS, the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, returned to W.V. to look into the myth surrounding Spearfinger, a bad beast they hope to meet by the end of the season. Until then, they need to establish contact with a bunch of other monstrous beings, like the Waya Woman, along the way.

The Waya Woman is the first mythical monster the team starts to scope out, and she's got a pretty gnarly history. Not to be confused with the "Woman of the Woods," the Waya Woman sounds way more terrifying. She's a 7-foot-tall wolf-human hybrid that walks on its hind legs. So, pretty much the scary creature from that Scottish werewolf movie Dog Soldiers.

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The AIMS gang hits up a cornfield to begin their investigation and they hear a call coming from the woods that could be a screaming woman. So Buck, who carries a coyote-calling kazoo lets out a screech to see if he'll get a response. He does, which gets the team really amped up. They then set up a trap for the woman with some raw chicken and continue on with their investigation.

After searching the grounds some more, they hear something that takes off running in the distance and they pursue it to see if they're hot on the trail of the Waya Woman. When they check the trap, they notice that the bait was taken and the trap was ruined in the process. They deduce only a strong being could be behind such a feat of strength and resolve to continue their search for the Waya Woman to get to the bottom of the mystery behind Spearfinger.

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Some Jackson County natives think Mountain Monsters made up the Waya Woman legend.

Some Redditors, who are fans of the show and natives of Jackson County, West Virginia, took to the site to discuss the particulars regarding the lore of the Waya Woman. And it turns out that no one really knows anything about the mythical beast.

"Hi. Jackson County native here. This episode is all the rage among my friends and fellow natives right now. The reason being that NO ONE has ever heard this legend before."

Redditor poindxtrwv continued:

"We have absolutely no idea where they conjured this up. Not one single person I've chatted with today has ever heard of this. The big legend in our area is the Mothman but that's one county over in Point Pleasant."

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After getting into it in the comments, poindxtrwv pointed out that there's almost zero talk about the Waya Woman online:

"Go ahead, search the internet for any mention of this Waya Woman legend outside of that show. They completely made up this creature for the show."

After a cursory search online, I couldn't produce any results regarding the Mountain Monsters' Waya Woman. No Wikipedia entries, no obscure blogs with firsthand accounts of campers coming into contact with her, nothing.

Reddit user madmc10 who says they're a native of Jackson County as well says they've never heard of ole WW either:

"I’m from Jackson county for 45 years and have never heard of this myth. I’ve asked all my friends and family who live all over the county and none of them have heard of this either."

Source: trvl

What do you think this means for the AIMS team's search for Spearfinger and the Waya Woman? Will they come up short because she simply doesn't exist? Or is it such a deeply rooted mystery that they're onto something huge no one else has the scoop on?

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