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Meet Ludwig Simon, the Actor Playing the Leader of the Rebellion in 'We Are the Wave'


"How far would you go for your ideals?" ponders Lea Herst in a scene of the 2019 Netflix series, We Are the Wave. 

If you're anything like Tristan Broch, the new kid on the block, budding anarchist and Lea's love interest, the answer is very far. It doesn't take long for the student to turn heads with his devil-may-care attitude, and he stirs up some waves by organizing a protest series. 

What should we know about We Are the Wave's Ludwig Simon? Is the actor similar to his on-screen character? 

This isn't the first time Ludwig Simon from We Are the Wave has played an impassioned anarchist. 

We Are the Wave marks the actor's debut in a Netflix series. However, committed viewers of German public television shows will recognize him as Timu Seddler from Fleming or Cristian Raspe from The Criminalist. 

Ludwig strategically chooses roles building on broader-scale socio political problems, characters whose lives are strongly affected by injustice, oppression, or inherited trauma.