What does Hoya Mean on TikTok
Source: TikTok | @preice23 | @b.mitchell23

What Does "Hoya” Mean on Tiktok?


Nov. 12 2021, Published 5:15 p.m. ET

People are always looking for new ways to fight off their existential dread. Sure, you could work your butt off accomplishing all of your hopes and dreams that burned inside you ever since you were a kid staring up at the ceiling wishing for your shot to finally do everything that you wanted to do.

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And maybe you want to distract yourself from what's going to be the rest of your life, so you find yourself hopping on TikTok trends to fill time. Maybe during one of those sessions you've come across the word "hoya" and wondered to yourself: Just what does that mean?

What does "hoya" mean on TikTok?

No it isn't a reference to the boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya. In short, it's basically the newest catchphrase for your standard call and response trend.

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It's basically a call to action for other users on TikTok. Someone asks, "Can I get a hoya?" And then folks drum up the most creative way they can respond to the post.

As you can imagine, the whole thing can get pretty cringe-inducing, as folks really go out of their way to look as fabulous as they possibly can while saying "hoya" into their smartphone's selfie camera.

What does Hoya mean on TikTok?
Source: TikTok | @preice23
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