What Does "I'm Cooked" Mean on TikTok? Decoding the Viral Phrase

"I'm cooked" can mean different things when used in various contexts, but most of the meanings are negative. See how people are using the phrase.

Sarah Kester - Author

Feb. 20 2024, Published 3:09 p.m. ET

TikTok users explain "I'm cooked" meaning
Source: TikTok

There have been a lot of “cooked” phrases floating around TikTok lately — and we don’t mean actual cooking (sorry, Gordon Ramsay).

Phrases like “someone cooked here” and “let him cook” have had some people over the age of 30 scratching their heads.

Both sound the same but mean entirely different things. For instance, “someone cooked here” means that someone has already done something positive or negative. “Let him cook” means to give someone the space to do the thing they’re good at.

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There's a new phrase that has been popping up on TikTok — "I'm cooked." So, what does “I’m cooked” mean?

Read on as we decode what it means, determine whether it's positive or negative, and look at how people are using it.

The definition of "cooked" on Urban Dictionary
Source: Urban Dictionary
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What Does ‘I'm cooked’ mean on TikTok?

TikTok added another word to its unique dictionary when the phrase “I’m cooked” started floating around. As it turns out, this phrase can mean a few different things when used in different contexts, such as work, relationships, self-improvement, and so on.

A user on Urban Dictionary defines it as "a way of describing a scenario, person, or object in an extremely negative way."

If you say, “I’m cooked,” you’re saying, “I’m done” or “I’m too exhausted.”

You are too mentally or physically drained to finish the last bit of a school or work assignment or help your mom with the dishes. Another way to look at it is a dish that has been cooked. It is completed; there is no more work to be done.

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'I'm cooked' is a slang term in New Zealand.

What about the meaning of “I’m cooked” in relationships? One thing people from New Zealand are known for is their slang. But it’s not only just phrases like “I reckon” and “kiwi" that they utter.

“When referring to another person — I would generally use ‘cooked’ as in, the person is inebriated temporarily or permanently from either too much sun, booze, drugs, or broad mental health derangement that they appear to be under the influence of something,” Redditor u/ihatebats wrote on a New Zealand subreddit.

This use of the phrase has appeared on TikTok several times.

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'I'm cooked' is a term that can be used regarding relationships.

TikToker @blackboyfromaz posted a video about “3 signs your cooked” to demonstrate the three ways guys are sabotaging their self-improvement. According to him, the three signs that men are "cooked" include: they don’t wear cologne, they don’t get haircuts, and they put zero effort into their appearance.

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Those in the comments used the phrase. “I’m growing a buzzcut I’m automatically cooked,” one user wrote. “Ig I’m cooked,” another wrote.

“I’m cooked” has a negative connotation in relationships. When you say, “I’m cooked,” it means that you’re done. Maybe you heard something you didn’t like and it’s all over for you.

TikToker @bvxbella demonstrated this with a TikTok video, which showed her instantly looking uninterested as text appeared on the screen.

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“I’ve dated other girls but you’re the first I’ve ever actually loved,” read the text, followed by her thoughts “(im cooked).”

"I'm cooked" can be used as a reaction to what some interpret as a red flag in dating. When the situation looks too dire, you’re unable to move forward with that person.

Viewers in the comments provided more examples. “‘I’ve dated other girls’ I’m cooked,” wrote a user. “'I've had my first love’ I’m freaking cooked,” another wrote.

It's definitely advisable to stay as up to date as you can on phrases and slang terms. There's nothing wrong with using them, but make sure you use them in the right context.

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