Those "Jordan" Comments on TikTok Were an Inside Joke Gone Wrong

Shannon Raphael - Author

Apr. 5 2021, Published 2:05 p.m. ET

Jordan Da Boo
Source: TikTok

Those who aren't constantly active on TikTok might not recognize the terms, abbreviations, and trend names from the app. Users who are on TikTok know just how the language and viral movements often change on a dime. 

If you've been seeing the name "Jordan" in the comments section on videos recently, you might be wondering why. The story behind the usage of the name has been upsetting many online, and the creator spoke out. 

What does Jordan mean on TikTok? Continue reading to find out. 

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What does Jordan mean on TikTok?

It appears as if the commenting trend began after user @JordanDaBoo posted a video asking others to comment his name, Jordan, in lieu of using the n-word. According to Jordan himself, TikTok removed the original video from the app. 

He wanted the Jordan comments to become a big "inside joke" on the app, but it soon gained traction outside of his nearly 900,000 followers.

Source: Instagram
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When this happened, some began accusing Jordan of perpetuating racism on the app. This is because, they said, a lot of white people had begun spamming videos with "Jordan" comments. He later posted several videos to clarify his intentions, and to ask people to stop using his name in the comments. 

"For all of my little fan followers, you guys should stop using the name Jordan. It was not supposed to be taken this way," he stated in his first video on the matter after the negative online reaction. "And I agree with y'all for being mad about that."

He asked fans to stop using it in comments, and to stop posting about the name at all.

"The more you post about it, the more the joke becomes real," he continued.

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Jordan said that his original intention was taken out of context, and that it became much bigger than he imagined. 

"It was not supposed to be taken this way, and I agree with you," he concluded in his first video. He also addressed those who think he should have been able to anticipate what would happen. "Yeah, that's my bad. I should have predicted the future," Jordan joked. 

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In another video, Jordan detailed what he said in his since-deleted original video. 

"All right, so we gonna try this again. Because it looks like my inside joke got taken out of context," he said. "So now, I gotta explain it."

"Basically, the whole point of the inside joke was to replace the n-word with my name, Jordan," the TikToker added. "And that meaning."

"But you see, obviously, s--t went south. And for everyone that was saying that I was seeking white validation from the white people or whatever, I wasn't," he concluded. "I just wanted to change the n-word to my name."

He ended the post with yet another plea to his followers to stop the trend.  

"The more y'all complain about the word and keep talking about it, the more dumb little kids who are gonna keep responding to it."

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Who is Jordan Da Boo on TikTok?

Though many are learning about Jordan Da Boo's page in relation to his commenting controversy, he's long been a popular creator on the app. With more than 873,00 followers (at presstime) and 34 million likes, Jordan has a substantial following and influence at just 17 years old.

His real name is Jordan Owens, and he's known for his lip-syncing content and his comedy videos. 

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