"Worst Insult in 2024": Here's What It Means If Someone Tells You to "Just Put the Fries in the Bag"

"'Just put my fries in the bag, bro' has got to be the worst insult that you could get hit with in 2024."


Jul. 8 2024, Published 3:00 p.m. ET

Have you ever been scrolling through a comments section and noticed someone write "Sir, this is a Wendy's"? Usually it's in response to something seemingly irrelevant and/or annoying. Like you're just trying to take a guy's order behind the counter at your job, but he won't stop ranting about why people believe dinosaurs are dead when Jurassic Park exists.

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Well, there's a new fast-food-related catch phrase making the rounds, and in case you're wondering why you keep seeing it all over TikTok, we have a quick explainer down below.

Here's what "just put the fries in the bag" means...

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What does "just put the fries in the bag" mean?

In the case of the phrase "just put my fries in the bag," it's basically like you've run into an old high school acquaintance working the drive-through where you're just trying to pick up some grub, and they're trying to reminisce with you against your will.

More specifcally, Know Your Meme says its origins lie in a Facebook meme from November 2022 that went like this:

"I ain't seen you since high school."

"Just put my ketchup in the bag bro."

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The phrase — which transformed over time from ketchup to fries — is typically used as a low blow.

As a TikToker named Dash explained it: "Whoever is saying that to you, they think they're better than you. That's really it."

In fact, a TikToker named Hen Bouselog declared that the phrase "has got to be the worst insult that you could get hit with in 2024."

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Hen then recalled a story: "I was sitting around with my friends and we were talking about our futures, our plans in life. And one of my friends gets to talking, he starts talking about how he's gonna run a hedge fund. Mind you, I love this dude — his high school GPA was a 2.7; he failed art. And my other friend looks at him across the room and goes, 'Just put my fries in the bag, bro.'"

Hen said his hedge-fund-dreaming friend "did not say another word that entire night. I have never seen that man go silent. He literally did not speak for two hours, didn't even say 'see ya' to us. He just stood up and walked out, all because he got told 'just put my fries in the bag, bro.'"

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"Like imagine you are so excited to tell your friends the future plans that you have, what you have going on with your life," Hen continued, "and you start telling them and they look at you and just ... 'just put my fries in the bag, bro.' I'm throwing hands. I 100 percent would have to throw hands with that."

So there you have it. Next time you see the phrase pop up in a comments section on TikTok, you'll know the context. It's not exactly the nicest thing to say, but then again, when has an internet comments section ever been known as a nice place? Take care of yourselves out there, folks.

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