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The First Episode of 'Families of the Mafia' Revolves Around Billy O'Toole's Death



Reality TV show star Billy O'Toole was found dead in his Staten Island Home at 7 a.m. on July 14, 2019. The first-ever episode of Families of the Mafia addresses the devastating event. 

The 48-year-old had many passions, including a lifelong fascination with graffiti art, pets, and motorcycles. He only appeared in one episode of Families of the Mafia before his tragic passing. 

Fans of the show would like to know: What happened to the star? 

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So, what happened to Billy O'Toole?

Billy's father was the much-dreaded mafia man William Sheehan. He got involved in organized crime at an early age, earning himself the nickname of "Wild Bill." 

Billy and his first wife, Jess Clare, had three children together, Matthew, Joseph, and Taylor. He is also survived by his kids Lyric Antonio, William, Michael, and Laila, his wife Renee O'Toole, and four grandchildren.

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As a recent episode of Families of the Mafia reveals, his family members remember Billy as the life of the party, as someone who never missed out on an opportunity to cheer up others. 

In addition to his obsession with creating graffitis and roaming around with his motorcycle, he also worked as a New York State chaplain providing for veterans in need. He joined the charity after the death of his father, William, who served in the Korean War. 

Exact details about Billy's tragic passing remain undisclosed. The cause of death is unknown. According to his son, Joe, the tragedy struck unexpectedly — leaving his loving family members in a complete state of shock. 

"We were hanging out, drinking beers — everything was good [...] Two days later, I got the phone call my dad was dead. I definitely did lose my best friend, my role model, my Superman,"  Joe told MTV. 

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Source: MTV

"I'm just grateful for the time we had [...] Actually rebuilding a relationship. It just got ripped away." his oldest daughter, Taylor told MTV. 

"I miss fighting with him," she confessed. "I miss his craziness. I miss us yelling at each other and thinking who's the better parent. Just everything we've been through for the past 30 years," Jess explained. 

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The union carpenter-turned TV personality and his first wife raised seven kids, some of whom went on to forge lucrative careers in the entertainment industry. 

Taylor and Joe have already appeared in a controversial reality TV show shedding new insight into the generational divide between middle-age ex-mafia members and their children, titled Made in Staten Island. 

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Unfortunately for fans, the show was canceled after just a handful of episodes. According to some critics, Made in Staten Island championed a one-sided view on what everyday life in Staten Island involves — which warranted MTV to revise its original decision and cut off the show altogether. 

Source: MTV
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Unlike Made in Staten Island, Families of the Mafia involves more interview snippets and confessionals. It offers a more genuine, candid-feeling portrayal of how stars like Dennie Augustine, Sammy Gravano, or Joe O'Toole go about in their daily lives. 

Catch new episodes of Families of the Mafia every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. 

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