[SPOILER] Meets an Untimely Death in 'The Underground Railroad'

Amazon Prime Video's limited series, 'The Underground Railroad,' follows Cora and Caesar as they attempt to find freedom. But what happened to Caesar?

Sara Belcher - Author

May 19 2021, Published 6:43 p.m. ET

Caesar in 'The Underground Railroad'
Source: Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video's newest limited series The Underground Railroad is an adaptation of the 2016 novel of the same name by Colson Whitehead. The novel provides an alternate history of enslaved people in the southeastern U.S. during the 19th century as two freedom seekers, Cora and Caesar, attempt to escape from their Georgia plantation. It shows the Underground Railroad as an actual rail system located underground with secret routes and safe houses.

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The series debuted in full on the streaming platform on May 14 to positive reviews from viewers — but it's clear that the show is a heavy one, and many of the characters don't have happy endings.

Early on, there's some ambiguity as to what happens to Caesar — does he make it to freedom, or is he killed?

Caesar in 'The Underground Railroad'
Source: Prime Video
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Who is Caesar in 'The Underground Railroad'?

Caesar, played by Aaron Pierre, is a supporting character in The Underground Railroad who convinces Cora to escape. Following the series' release, viewers instantly picked up on Aaron's attractive appearance, tweeting how much they loved his character.

But while Caesar is well-loved by the viewers, Cora has a more apprehensive approach to him from the get-go.

“Cora absolutely would question running away with Caesar because I think in that moment... the only thing she can see is that the person who should want her the most, her mother, abandoned her at this plantation," Barry Jenkins told TVLine of Caesar's role in Cora's arc. "That’s all she can see. Caesar’s job, as handsome as he is, is to very slowly and subtly remind her that ‘I see you. I need you. I want you. You are special.’ I think that’s the role he plays in her life.”

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Aaron is a newcomer to the acting scene, who made his debut in a 2016 short titled 18 Latimer Road. His other credits include the TV series Krypton, where he played Dev-Em, and guest appearances in Britannia, The A Word, and Prime Suspect 1973.

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Does Caesar die in 'The Underground Railroad'?

Unfortunately, despite how loved he is by fans, Pierre's stay on the show is short, and his character is killed off at the end of Episode 2.

The episode, titled "Chapter 2: South Carolina," follows Cora and Caesar as they arrive to the town of Griffin, S.C. This is only meant to be one stop on their road to freedom, but the town's ambiance makes them wonder whether they should stay.

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White and Black people cohabitate in Griffin, and the pair find housing in dormitories, as well as jobs to give them some funds. They briefly consider staying and living under false names — but it isn't long before they discover the white people in the town are using the free Black people as test subjects for experiments.

At the same time, Ridgeway and Homer arrive in Griffin, as they're still trying to find Cora and Caesar since the boy Cora attacked while attempting to flee died of his injuries.

Cora manages to escape from the pair at the last possible minute, but Ridgeway and Homer find Caesar while he's shaving in the dormitories.

While the show doesn't show us what happens after their encounter, Caesar comes to Cora in a dream later, confirming to viewers that he was killed. In the novel, Caesar faces a similar fate of being killed following his capture, though instead of Ridgeway and Homer, he is killed by an angry mob.

You can now stream all 10 episodes of The Underground Railroad on Prime Video.

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