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Here's the Tea on Summer McKeen's Breakup and Latest Scandal



First came the YouTube influencers, then the TikTok stars, but our latest obsession is Snapchat's reality docuseries, Endless Summer, which follows Summer McKeen, now 20, and her glamorous Orange County life. Honestly, it's kind of like Laguna Beach for the zinnellial generation.

But regular viewers of the Snapchat original series were shocked when Summer announced her sudden split from her boyfriend of two years, Dylan Jordan. So, what happened between Summer and Dylan? And what did Summer do to cause the breakup? Keep reading to find out.

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What happened between Summer McKeen and Dylan Jordan?

Season 2 of Endless Summer watches Summer McKeen navigate life and try to figure out who she is in her last year as a teen. And according to what she said to her millions of fans on a livestream, Summer broke up with Dylan because she wanted to have some experiences solo. 

"They broke up because they did so much together and she wants to do things on her own since she's so young," one fan wrote on YouTube. "She wanted to be on her own and there is nothing wrong with that." Others are positive the Snapchat series is what "ruined their relationship."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Summer revealed that filming Endless Summer after her breakup was a very emotional experience. However, she went on to say that she and Dylan are great friends now. "He was my best, best friend, he was my everything for two years," she explained.

"And yeah, different things can fade out and there can be reasons for us to not be dating each other anymore, but the best friendship is still there and the love is still there and I think it's mature to keep that going," she said. "Breakups seem like the end of the world, but I mean Dylan and I are friends. It takes time, it takes communication."

What did Summer McKeen do?

These days, Summer is single and living her best life. "I definitely want to be single for a while," she continued during her interview with ET, calling bettering herself and focusing on her own life "my main focus."

"I feel like you shouldn't rely on anyone for your confidence or your self-worth or anything," she added, beaming with joy. And Summer asserts that the next time she goes on a date, we won't be the first ones to know. "I think I should keep my boy, whoever it will be, one day, I want to keep him a little more low-key on social media," she says.

"I want to keep it more private and personal," she says of wanting to protect her romantic life. These days, while focusing on herself, Summer is "working on a lot of exciting projects with some pretty big brands that I've loved forever." Hopefully those brand collaborations don't land her in trouble.

In late May of 2019, Summer's collaboration with makeup brand Nudestix was the subject of much internet hate. Her "Summer Proof Collection" kit, which was being sold for $69 and included a bronzer stick, blush stick, highlighter, and lip balm, only catered to white and light-skinned people. 

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"Summer, I love you [so much] but I can't use these products because they are only usable for people with lighter skin," one fan wrote. Others weren't so considerate with their comments. "Are u serious rn?? your video is sooo insensitive, especially after the dote situation. If you want your brand to expand and be bigger you should think about people of color," another user wrote.

The "dote situation" refers to a Coachella trip several influencers took where the women of color were "segregated" to a part of the house that wasn't as nice as the area the white girls were given to sleep in. Summer issued an apology on her Instagram story that ended with, "We are all human beings who are working every day to learn and improve." 

But this wasn't just the second, or even the last time Summer was under fire for alleged racism. Just a couple of weeks ago she and influencer friend Hannah Meloche were the subject of a Cartier Tea video where they make fun of fans and say they were "talking like black people."

See more Summer content on her YouTube page, Instagram page, and of course, on Snapchat.

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