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Source: twitter

Man Uses Woman Snapchat Filter and Fools over 300 Men on Tinder


Snapchat's latest filter is upsetting a lot of dudes on Tinder. They think they're messaging a winsome member of the fairer sex, when actually they're being trolled by a dude who looks exceptionally pretty as a woman — according to a facial recognition algorithm, that is.

Online dating is a tough world to navigate for many reasons, "catfishing" being one of them. There's different levels of deception, of course.

People will put up photos of themselves that are several years old, for example, when they were looking their best. Some people only post selfies of their face or in certain poses and flattering lighting. But at the very least these people are posting photos of themselves.

You have some catfishers out there who create entirely fake profiles. Maybe they're even lying about their gender in the process.