What Happened to Ahna Mac's Face as 'Baddies: Caribbean' Kicks Off Season 5?

Rollie shouts at her castmate, “Where you injured at though, what happened?” Ahna says, “In my face, it’s fractured in three places.”

Melissa Willets - Author

May 6 2024, Published 12:01 p.m. ET

Ahna Mac attends the Los Angeles Premiere of "BADDIES EAST" at Harmony Gold on September 17, 2023 in L.A.
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One thing is certain when you tune in for the Zeus Network show Baddies: Caribbean. Indeed, fans will most definitely see drama and bickering between the ladies on the reality program.

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But it seems that during Season 5, a lot of drama preempted the filming of the series.

One of the cast members, singer Ahna Mac, suffered a face injury. What happened? Here's what we know.

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So, what happened to Ahna Mac's face?

Per The Super Slice, Ahna suffered a face injury involving three fractures. Sounds painful!

But as Baddies: Caribbean kicks off its fifth season, we don't yet know exactly what happened to Ahna. It seems that the incident we can only speculate about at this juncture took place before she filmed the season.

A preview of the show offers fans limited information about how Ahna Mac hurt her face. But she does confirm that something pretty bad happened.

In the teaser, castmate Rollie Pollie demands, “Where you injured at though, what happened?”

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That's when Ahna says, “In my face, it’s fractured in three places.”

Predictably, a verbal fight breaks out, with Rollie shouting at her castmate, "Don’t get it fractured in three more.”

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What is the "injured reserve" list on 'Baddies: Caribbean'?

Fans have been chatting a lot online about a so-called "injured reserve" list of stars who have appeared on Baddies: Caribbean.

Are they talking about Ahna Mac's face injury?

No, instead it seems that the ladies from previous seasons are healing from past drama that took place on the show.

"Injured reserve like they in the damn Marines," one fan snickered in a Reddit thread about the list.

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To be fair, fans weren't sure what Ahna needed to heal from. But it seems at least physically, she had the face injury. What kind of emotional healing she may need after appearing on another season of the show with Rollie — whom some fans are in disbelief has been allowed to return to the show — well, that is yet to be seen.

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Rollie Pollie just underwent plastic surgery and is also healing.

Meanwhile, Rollie is another cast member who is healing physically, but in her case, it's from plastic surgery. The star had a Brazilian butt lift, as well as other procedures, which has angered some fans.

Still, she hasn't had a problem taking to social media and showing off the results of the surgeries.

Rollie even showed before and after photos of her body.

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Not one to let a diss go unanswered, back at the confrontation with Ahna, Rollie, who had just seemingly threatened her castmate by saying she may get three more face fractures, found herself at the receiving end of a threat.

Don’t make me kick your organs out I’ll split that stitch right open,” Ahna shot back at Rollie, as we see in the teaser.

See the full drama unfold on new episodes of Baddies: Caribbean. The premiere of Season 5 debuted on May 5, 2024, on Zeus.

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