What Happened to Smiley on 'Baddies East'? She's Been Accused of Faking Medical Emergencies

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 8 2024, Published 12:12 p.m. ET

The ladies keep getting badder on Baddies. The Zeus Network reality show follows the opulent lives and tumultuous times of several young women as they host lavish parties and kick up all sorts of drama.

In 2023, the series came out with its fourth season, titled Baddies East. Though few of the cast members who started the show remain on, East has the most main cast baddies in the show to date. As such, it features some of the most intense moments yet.

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At the source of much of the drama is new cast member Krystal Borrego, known on Baddies East as Smiley. She quickly made a name for herself as one of the most prominent featured members of the season. In fact, she's gotten into verbal and physical scraps with several cast members who believe that some of her most dramatic moments might be fake. This includes her medical emergency in the show's first new episode of 2024. What happened to Smiley in Baddies East?

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Smiley has been through hell on 'Baddies East,' but not everyone is convinced that's true.

Smiley left an impression on the Baddies before the fourth season even officially started. During the audition period for Baddies East, she'd already gotten into fights with another prospective baddie named Mariahlynn Araujo. Ironically, both would end up co-starring in the new season. Naturally, though, the drama didn't stop there. Her feud with Mariahlynn would continue on the show itself, with Smiley even stealing some of her jewelry.

The feud got so heated that two other cast members even took it upon themselves to defend Mariahlynn from Smiley's wrath. No one is a stranger to fights on Baddies, but Smiley has had her fair share of them already.

And if you thought the drama stopped there, you definitely don't know Smiley.

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What happened to Smiley in Jamaica?

Throughout the course of the season, Smiley had apparently suffered a miscarriage during her pregnancy. While that would be tragic enough on its own, several of her fellow cast members went so far as to believe that she'd faked it. One of them, Mehgan Jones, even posted her accusations about Smiley on social media. Smiley even had to defend herself on Instagram live following the incident.

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These rumors continued to follow her in some of her most recent incidents. In the Jan. 7, 2024 episode of Baddies East, the titular baddies took a trip to Jamaica. While there, Smiley had suffered a seizure and was, at one point, surrounded by emergency responders and medical professionals. After coming to, she started to scream for her baby.

However, people continued to accuse Smiley of faking the incident for the cameras.

In an Instagram post responding to the episode's broadcast, Smiley wrote, "It hurt me so bad just to watch! ... Yah don't know how this hurt me to really see this on TV."

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