'Golden Bachelor' Newlyweds Gerry and Theresa Have a Wedding Registry — Is That a Tacky Move?

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 5 2024, Published 2:21 p.m. ET

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner
Source: ABC

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner

When it comes to The Golden Bachelor, there are many firsts. The most obvious is of course the ages of the titular bachelor and the women who were competing for his affections and an engagement ring. The popular franchise hit the refresh button when it opted to land on the other side of the aging spectrum. Not a single person on the show was under 50 and frankly, it was a welcomed change.

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Once Gerry Turner proposed to Theresa Nist, after a complicated back-and-forth with the other remaining contestant Leslie Fhima, it was time to plan the wedding. Riding high on the success of the spinoff, producers decided that this wedding would be the second live ceremony in Bachelor history. (OK, there are several firsts, and one second, on this show.)

As is customary for many couples, Gerry and Theresa assembled a wedding registry anyone can access on Amazon. What's on it, you ask? Let's get into it.

Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist, and Mindy Weiss at the Golden Wedding
Source: ABC

(L-R): Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist, and Mindy Weiss at the Golden Wedding

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The Amazon Wedding Registry took center stage at the 'Golden Bachelor' live wedding.

"Take a shot every time the someone on the Golden Wedding mentions the Amazon Wedding Registry," tweeted one viewer while watching the live Golden Bachelor extravaganza. "Is the Golden Wedding sponsored by Amazon," asked another. Such was the strength and power of Gerry and Theresa's Amazon Registry. Viewers felt like they were watching two people walk down a Target aisle, not a wedding aisle. It felt a little gross.

So, what's on this oft-mentioned registry that we couldn't escape from for even a minute? Honestly, a lot of things that two people in their 70s should aready have. Am I to believe that Gerry and Theresa are in need of a regular coffeemaker, Keurig, toaster, ovenware, and kitchen cooking utensils, to name a few? This list reads like two scrappy kids who are starting out with a single plate between them, not two seniors who have raised whole families. What is happening here?

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The only thing I saw on this list that makes a lick of sense is the pickleball paddles set. After all, we spent a chunk of an episode of The Golden Bachelor watching ladies duke it out on the pickleball court in the hopes of impressing Gerry with their athletic prowess.

No offense, but I wouldn't buy my own mother a $318 birdhouse that is carved to look like a chateau. If anyone is going to live in a chateau, it's me and my boyfriend when we're cosplaying that we're in a Hallmark holiday movie.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist Amazon Wedding Registry
Source: Amazon (screenshot)

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist's Amazon wedding registry

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What's the point of a wedding registry anyway?

According to The Knot, "In its most basic form, a wedding registry is a wish list a to-be-wed couple compiles at the beginning of the wedding planning process to help friends and loved ones choose gifts they need (or want!) in celebration of their big day." Just as I suspected, the wedding registry was originally intended to help newlyweds build their life together. Again I ask, don't Gerry or Theresa own a rolling pin? It's on the dang registry. A better gift would be conversation and Hennessy.

It all began in 1924 at the Chicago-based department store Marshall Fields, which is now Macy's. They encouraged local couples to pick out gifts like china or flatware that would "carry them into married life together," per The Knot. At the end of the day this was a brilliant marketing move on their part because they were bound to attract a ton of soon-to-be-married lovebirds. Soon, other stores followed suit.

I'm not saying Gerry and Theresa shouldn't get wedding gifts, but I do think they should stay away from anything particularly pricey. For example, a $65 Caraway Steamer or a decorative garden hose storage spot that costs $120 can certainly be cut from the list. Actually I just had a dark thought. Maybe these gifts aren't for them and they are using this opportunity to buy things their families need. Based on Gerry's apparent obsession with money, this wouldn't surprise me.

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