This Was the Terrible News AngelWalks Received Regarding His Brother Mid-Stream

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jul. 29 2020, Updated 12:59 p.m. ET

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Source: GoFundMe

One of the most remarkable aspects of livestreaming is that viewers get to see the unedited, real-time reactions of their favorite personalities online. This is especially true of streams that feature individuals focusing on a specific task while interacting with fans — it's difficult not to have 100 percent genuine reactions when you're focused on gaming.

But fans can also be privy to some deeply personal and tragic moments mid-stream, like what happened with AngelWalks' brother.

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What happened to AngelWalks' brother?

The 23-year-old Army veteran was participating in a Call of Duty: Warzone MFAM Gauntlet Tournament on his Twitch channel. He and his team were in the thick of the virtual action, but then some knocks and loud noises from outside of AngelWalks' room began coming in through his microphone. The knocks then became even louder and when the streamer left the game to go see what was going on, he was met with truly horrifying news.

His family rushed to tell him that his brother Roberto Perez was lying cold in his room — he was dead. Shocked, AngelWalks returned to the room a few minutes later, apologizing to everyone on the feed, alerting them of the news. "Guys, I’m sorry. My brother just died. I have to go."

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what happened to angelwalks brother
Source: Reddit

He ended the feed summarily after making that statement to go and spend time with his family and make arrangements for Roberto's funeral. He didn't explain the causes behind his brother's death or any of the other circumstances around his passing. Soon after, he did take to Twitter to further discuss the emotional implications of losing Roberto.

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"I was in the middle of the gauntlet when my family came to my door panicking, yelling that my brother was cold and not moving. I’ve already lost so much. I don’t know how to move forward..."

AngelWalks was also shocked to learn of how expensive the funeral costs were. He expressed that he would have to sell his personal belongings to fund the burial and service.

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He reluctantly posted a GoFundMe asking for donations to help offset the funeral costs as his "family really is in need," where he asked for $13,850, the exact amount of the funeral. As of now, AngelWalks has been able to secure $14,685, exceeding the goal. Tons of e-sports supporters and members of the gaming community heeded the call and rushed to help AngelWalks out.

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How did AngelWalks' brother die?

Details on his passing are sparse, but it is known that he died at home. What's truly sad is that the streaming footage of the entire incident was uploaded online, and AngelWalks remarked that the following day, one of the first things he woke up to seeing online was the clip being shared on Reddit.

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Quite brutally, it was even uploaded to the r/livestreamfails subreddit. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to AngelWalks and his family during this trying time.

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