'Quiet on Set' Viewers Are Worried About Brandi's Whereabouts After Her Mom Reveals Her Story

Brandi guest starred in ‘The Amanda Show’ before a disturbing exchange with the pedophilic Jason Handy forced her out of showbiz.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Mar. 22 2024, Published 9:34 a.m. ET

"Brandi" and "MJ" photo featured on 'Quiet on Set'
Source: Investigation Discovery

The stories told in Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV are some of the most tragic and disturbing stories we’ve heard in a long time. Royal conspiracy theories and corrupt politicians barely rival the darkness of what young people went through on the sets of some Nickelodeon shows. One of those young people was an 11-year-old girl named Brandi.

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In one of the Investigation Discovery documentary’s promo clips, Brandi's mom talks about the relationship her daughter had with production assistant and handler Jason Handy. While their email exchanges seemed innocuous at first, Handy eventually sent Brandi a lewd photo with a deranged message. But what has happened to Brandi since?

Photo of young "Brandi" featured in 'Quiet on Set'
Source: Investigation Discovery
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What happened to Brandi from ‘Quiet on Set’?

In a teaser for Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, Brandi’s mom, MJ, tells her daughter’s story. MJ shares details of her daughter’s relationship with Handy. It’s later revealed that Handy was a self-proclaimed pedophile, knowingly working with minors to feed his illness.

“We as parents weren’t allowed back on the set. We were greeted by production assistant Jason Handy, he guided all the kids to where they had to be,” MJ recalled. “When he wasn’t on set with the kids, he would talk with all the moms. You thought, ‘I could be friends with this person.'”

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After filming wrapped, Handy often kept in touch with the kids he worked with under the guise of providing further opportunities. MJ allowed Brandi to continue communicating with Handy through email, thinking it was innocent. But when Brandi once shut the computer hastily and ran to her room, MJ opened the email.

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“It was a picture of him naked masturbating, and he said he had sent it to her because he wanted her to see that he was thinking of her,” MJ explained as she tearfully contemplated what to do. “I went back and forth with, ‘Should I call the police?’ They will think I am a bad parent because I allowed her to talk to this person. I struggled with this and I finally told myself, ‘I can’t call the police. All I can do is make sure I keep her far away from him.’ She left the business and never returned.”

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Who is Brandi and what happened to her after she left Hollywood?

From our research, it seems like both “Brandi” and “MJ” are aliases. Viewers seem to think that “Brandi” appeared in Season 2, Episode 12 of The Amanda Show, but in looking through the credits, no one stands out as someone with very few credits who has since left the industry. In addition, “Brandi” would’ve been born in 1988 or 1989, according to the story, but none of the listed guest stars or featured actors fit that description.

Even still, many Quiet on Set viewers have passed judgment on MJ for how she handled the situation. “The mother was an enabler and should be more remorseful about the fact that she did not report a pedophile,” one Redditor wrote. “Had she reported him, he would have been investigated years before his arrest and there would have been fewer victims.”

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While most people agree that MJ seemed to exhibit some “stage mom” energy, and is still using that energy to exploit her daughter’s story for a modicum of fame, others realized that MJ could have been scared that Brandi would’ve been taken away from her. The fact that we can’t find any information about Brandi or MJ’s whereabouts, even using tools such as a Google Image Search and looking into the cast’s names, means that Brandi likely keeps a very private life.

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In preparation for her mom revealing what happened, Brandi may have wanted to make sure no one would be able to find her, and she clearly did a very good job. On the other hand, some viewers are worried that Brandi has since passed away because MJ talks about her in the past tense. However, this is likely because the story she tells is from the past and not something even more tragic.

In fact, Quiet on Set even hints that Brandi could one day tell her own story, with a potential Season 2 in the works if ordered by Investigation Discovery. So while Brandi may not be easy to find, we may still hear her side of the story someday.

All four parts of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV are now available to stream on Max and Investigation Discovery.

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