Captain Keith Colburn Is Still on 'Deadliest Catch,' but May Eventually Retire

Keith Colburn isn't thinking about retiring from fishing just yet.


Jul. 3 2024, Published 10:40 a.m. ET

Keith Colburn in a blue hat on a red carpet.
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F/V Wizard's Captain Keith Colburn has been a fixture on Deadliest Catch since pretty early in the show's run. He first popped up in the third season in the midst of a pretty emotional storyline, and viewers have gravitated toward him ever since.

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Now that Keith has been on the show for well over a decade, many fans wanted to check in on him and see whether he'll be with the show in the long-term or not. Here's what we know about what's happened to Keith lately, and whether he's still on Deadliest Catch.

Keith Colburn at the premiere of the movie 'Mother's Day.'
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What happened to Captain Keith on 'Deadliest Catch?'

While he may not be in every episode, Captain Keith is still a regular part of Deadliest Catch. Over the many years that he's been on the show, we've seen his turbulent relationship with his brother and his frequent roasting of the many greenhorns who come aboard his ships. Keith also survived the massive downsizing of Alaskan fishing by purchasing the Wizard to ensure that he would still have a spot.

In the early 2020s, Keith discussed whether he could ever see himself retiring from the profession he loves so much.

"I don't plan on retiring," Keith said in 2020, before adding a year later that climate change may be what eventually forces him to stop fishing. "Anybody that doesn't think climate change exists. Guess what? It exists. Every year it gets worse and worse and worse," he said.

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Keith added that the crabs keep moving further north as a result, and that the frequency and severity of the storms that he's faced has also increased.

Keith, now in his sixties, said that he was considering stepping away.

"Well, I'm definitely thinking about it," he said, before adding: "But then you leave town. And it's beautiful, it's back home, and look at the stars, you set your gear, awesome fishing. You can't take that away from me right now."

Source: Instagram/@captainkeithcolburn
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Keith Colburn is among the more superstitious captains.

Although Keith doesn't seem prepared to step away from his rig anytime soon, he's also got plenty of rituals that he believes ensure the safety of himself and his crew. Keith keeps a panoply of bobbleheads around for good luck, and knocks on their heads whenever he needs some.

Keith also said that his best fishing trip came while chewing tobacco and spitting into a Cup O' Noodles bowl.

"On one trip, we forgot the Cup O' Noodles, and fishing was lousy. Two or three crabs per trap. I called my brother, who was skippering another boat 15 miles away and asked if they had Cup O' Noodles," he said.

If you're doing a job as dangerous as Keith's you may rely on anything to keep you feeling sane. Keith isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If he feels like he needs some extra luck to get him through the exhaustion and danger that comes with his line of work, who are we sitting on our couches to judge him for it.

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