Dr. Pol's Grandson, Adam James Butch, Died in 2019 at 23 — How Did He Die?


Mar. 5 2021, Published 1:04 p.m. ET

Fans of The Incredible Dr. Pol are devoted not just to the show's titular veterinarian, but also to his entire family. The series has allowed them to get a better sense of Dr. Pol's personal life, and that only makes sad news about the family all the more crushing. In September of 2019, when the show ran an obituary for one of Dr. Pol's grandsons, many viewers understandably wanted to know what happened

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What happened to Dr. Pol's grandson?

Adam James Butch, Dr. Pol's grandson, died at the age of 23 in 2019. More than a year later, the family still hasn't revealed Adam's cause of death, but some fans have made assumptions based on other knowledge they have about the family. Many have assumed that, because of a family history of the disease, Adam may have died of some form of hereditary cancer. 

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Adam's father, Gregory, previously died of cancer after a long battle with the disease. Prior to his death, Adam was an active member of the Riley for Life committee, which helps to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Although cancer may have ended his life, it's far from the only explanation. What's more, some doubt that he had cancer because he showed no obvious symptoms prior to his sudden death. Some have also suggested that Adam suffered from depression. 

Adam was the eldest son of Gregory and Kathy Butch.

Adam's father passed away when he was still young, and he was raised by his mother and her parents, Dr. Pol and his wife. Adam moved away from home for a time but eventually returned to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician. He had just started a job at Rite Aid two days before his death and was frequently compared to his grandfather because of his interest in social work. 

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Dr. Pol's work as a vet has received mixed reviews.

In addition to dealing with personal tragedy, Dr. Pol has also faced legal challenges because of his show. In the most prominent case, Dr. Pol was taken to court over his treatment of a Boston terrier who had been hit by a car. Dr. Pol's treatment was depicted on the show and a veterinarian who was watching sued him, claiming that he had been negligent and incompetent in his care. 

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The case was first brought in 2011 and has been winding its way through various courts ever since. The Michigan Court of Appeals eventually ruled, in late 2019, that Dr. Pol had been negligent and fined him $500. His veterinary license was also put on probation because he did not meet the standards of care required by the state. 

Although Dr. Pol's personal license may be suspended, he now runs a sprawling veterinary business that has been so wildly successful that it has even spawned a TV series. Dr. Pol's success hasn't come without major setbacks, but it seems that he may now be too successful to be taken down by a single lawsuit. 

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