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Source: Getty Images

What Happened to Drew Brees' Face? Here's Why the Saints Quarterback Has a Scar


New Orleans Saints leader Drew Brees is arguably one of the most popular quarterbacks in the NFL, so it's no surprise that fans are always curious to learn all about his life. That said, football enthusiasts can't help but wonder what happened to Drew Brees' face since a huge scar has been there throughout his entire football career. Scroll down for everything we know about the football star's health!

What happened to Drew Brees' face?

So it turns out, the scar on Drew's face is actually a birthmark and not the result of an injury. In a previous interview with CNN, he opened up about how he dealt with bullying because of his mark (Oprah Winfrey even mistook it for a lipstick kiss years ago).

"Because of my birthmark, which I was obviously born with, I got all kinds of comments when I was a kid. ‘Wipe that whatever off your face.’ This and that. I got all kinds of nicknames," he said.