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Source: AMC

Enid's "JSS" Motto Didn't Exactly Work Out for Her This Time Around (SPOILERS!)


*Major spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead*

It may have gotten her to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, but it seems like Enid's "JSS" motto (Just Survive Somehow) didn't pan out in The Walking Dead's "The Calm Before." Along with Henry and Tara, Enid wound up getting her head chopped off and placed on a huge pike. 

Many fans would agree that her sudden death was a tough pill to swallow. But how exactly did this happen?

What happened to Enid on The Walking Dead?

In the Season 9 episode, Enid and nine others, including Tara, Henry, Ozzy, Alek, D.J., Frankie, Tammy Rose, Rodney, and Addy, were taken and killed by the Whisperers. It was never actually revealed how they got overpowered, but their severed heads got placed on a line of 10 pikes, which signified Alpha's boundary line.