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Source: ABC

Nearly Two Years After His Release, Ethan Couch aka the Affluenza Teen, Has Been Arrested Again


The case of Ethan Couch and his "Affluenza" defense gripped the nation back in 2015 as the teen went on trial for causing a car accident that killed four. Back in June of 2013, the then-16-year-old got behind the wheel of his car and sped through a suburban neighborhood in his native Texas (despite having a restricted license). 

Couch was under the influence when he crashed the car, and his defense team's argument was that he grew up so wealthy that he didn't know the difference between right and wrong, or that he could ever be held responsible for his actions. 

The case divided the nation, and Couch only received time in prison after he attempted to flee the country. What happened to Ethan Couch? The Affluenza teen was given a light sentence, but he just landed back in jail for this reason.