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Source: Starz

The Season Finale of 'Dublin Murders' Left a Lot of Fans Frustrated (SPOILERS)


The hit Starz drama Dublin Murders ended its Season 1 run on Dec. 29, but it wasn’t the finale any of us were expecting. In fact, we’re still in desperate need of some closure concerning one of the show’s main mysteries. 

Adam, who now goes by Rob, continues to be haunted by the 1985 disappearance of his friends, Peter and Jamie, but fans don’t get the answers they’ve been waiting for regarding that hellish night in the woods. Warning: the following paragraphs contain major spoilers.

What happened to Peter and Jamie in Dublin Murders?

After eight episodes filled with suspense, we never find out how or why the duo vanished. Their fate remains a big ole question mark, but the series’ final moments indicate that undercover detective Frank Mackey knows more about the decades-old case than he’s let on.