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Source: Twitter

Is Gene Cheeseman From 'Gold Rush' Dead? What We Know About the Missing Miner


The miners on Gold Rush give everyone an inside look at the everyday life of miners — and it doesn't take more than a couple of episodes to realize that it's not the life for everyone. But with every character on the show, they make a special connection with the audience. Fans are still feeling the loss of James Harness five years after his death, and every other missing member makes the show feel a little less full. 

Gene Cheeseman is probably one of the most notable miners you'll find on Gold Rush, but our favorite foreman has been surprisingly absent from the new season. Gene was promoted to foreman of the Parker Crew at Parker Schnabel's new Scribner Creek Claim at the end of Season 4, and continued to run as a foreman for Season 5. But even though he was a fan favorite, he's been absent from the most recent season completely.