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Source: Discovery Channel

Jimmy Dorsey Made a Lot of Enemies During His Brief Stint on 'Gold Rush'


The popular Discovery Channel reality series Gold Rush is now in its 10th season, but unfavorable rumors about the show — which follows family-run mining companies located across the Pacific Northwest and Canada — have run rampant since Season 1, largely due to former cast member Jimmy Dorsey.

The inexperienced miner ruffled a few feathers with an interview he gave shortly after leaving the series in 2011 following an off-camera altercation with fellow Hoffman crew member Greg Remsburg. 

So, what is Jimmy up to these days? Here’s what we could find out about the self-described "adrenaline junkie."

Where is Jimmy Dorsey from Gold Rush now?

Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t track down any recent information about the father of two, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy is still working as a realtor, a job he returned to after exiting the show mid-season.