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Source: Instagram

Jordan Leaves 'Summer House' Three Weeks Early Ahead of Season 4 Premiere


Bravo's Summer House is coming back soon for Season 4 — but it looks like there are some cast members who won't be sticking out the whole season. 

While he was set to be part of the cast for the whole season, it looks like Jordan has decided to leave before production for this season is even over. Before the season airs on Feb. 5, let's talk about what happened to Jordan.

What happened to Jordan on Summer House? He left because he heard he was going to be let go.

The previews for the new season make it clear that this is going to be one of the most dramatic seasons of Summer House yet, and Jordan is also making sure of that. It's clear from the previews that someone was going to leave — but apparently, Jordan wanted to leave of his own accord rather than be kicked out.