Fort Worth News Anchor Laura Harris Is Still Recovering from a Rotator Cuff Injury

Laura Harris had surgery on her rotator cuff, and she's firmly in recovery, even though her arm is still in a sling.


Feb. 13 2024, Updated 11:12 a.m. ET

NBC 5 viewers in Fort Worth recently noticed that Laura Harris, one of the station's morning anchors, has had her arm in a sling while she's been hosting the show. While Laura seems to be just fine otherwise, this naturally led many viewers to wonder exactly what had happened to Laura's arm.

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As it turns out, Laura's arm was actually the reason she was absent from the show a few weeks back. Here's everything we know about what happened to Laura's arm, and why fans don't have any real reason to be worried.

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What happened to Laura Harris' arm?

In a post on Facebook from January of 2024, Laura explained that her rotator cuff had been a persistent problem for her for some time, and she would be taking some time away from the show in order to address it.

"I have been playing hurt for far too long, so I finally got everything on this pesky rotator cuff fixed earlier this week," she wrote on Facebook. "I’ll be off air for a bit, but I will see you very soon. Sling life is a little weird, but all good. LOL"

Thankfully, Laura was able to return to work after a brief absence, but that doesn't mean she's fully recovered. She's still wearing the sling as her rotator cuff continues to heal, but it seems that her surgery was done in large part to prevent her problem from getting worse. It's a persistent injury she's been dealing with for some time, and once she's fully recovered, she should be in even better shape than she was before the surgery.

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Fans wished Laura well as she recovered.

Although many undoubtedly missed her while she was off the air, plenty of fans of Laura's wished her nothing but the best as she started her recovery.

"Praying for you sister. Take your time healing up," one person wrote in the comments under the post.

“I’ve had both of my rotator cuffs and labrum’s repaired so I know what you’re going through. I hated the sling the most! When I was sitting down I would unhook the sling to take the pressure off the back of my neck,” another person said.

Source: Facebook/@Laura Harris NBC 5
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Laura’s return seems to suggest that she’s mostly recovered, although it’s unclear exactly when she might be allowed to take her sling off. For now, though, it doesn’t seem to have seriously impeded her ability to host the show, and the worst thing it’s done is make some viewers curious about exactly what happened to her.

Thankfully, those fans don’t need to be concerned. Plenty of people go through rotator cuff surgery at some point in their lives, and Laura is likely already through the worst of it. While she might still be wearing a sling on the air, she’s on the road to recovery, and she should be back to normal in a matter of weeks, and it could be even sooner than that.

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