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Source: Getty

Gina Neely Hasn't Spoken to Her Ex-Husband Ever Since the Divorce


Pat and Gina Neely ran Down Home With the Neelys, a Food Network program covering basics like how to make a delicious mac and cheese or how to turn basic chores like pulling the membranes off of sparerib into an opportunity for light-hearted flirtation. The program offered rare insight into what a good marriage involves — or so it seemed.

However, the couple filed for divorce in 2012, and the show was discontinued soon after. What happened to Pat and Gina Neely?

So, what happened to Pat and Gina Neely?  

Pat and Gina got married in 1994 —  long before the idea of a TV program would have been flaunted around. The two met back in high school and stayed together for most of their adult years. 

During the early days, Pat would work as the owner of the infamous Neely's Bar-B-Que in Memphis, TN, while Gina made a living as a bank manager. They had their first daughter, Spenser in 1989, who was soon followed by Shelbi in 1995.