Guns Rights Activist Paul Harrell Is Looking Good in His July 2024 Videos

Paul Harrell showed up again on his popular firearms-focused YouTube channel. Is he in better health?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jul. 9 2024, Published 2:06 p.m. ET

Guns Rights activist and firearms aficionado Paul Harrell has been in the news after he gave a health update to his fans in mid-2023. A year later, however, he’s once again been posting videos on YouTube with a vengeance, ready to show the world that he’s happy, healthy, and always able to shoot a target.

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Of course, Paul isn’t the youngest man, but his fans were nowhere near ready for him to pass away. Regardless, they have a lot of questions now about his current state of health. So what happened to Paul Harrell?

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What happened to Paul Harrell? He was diagnosed with cancer.

In July 2023, Paul first shared with his followers that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He said at the time that it was Stage 2 and that he would be around “for a long time” but that doesn’t change the fact that pancreatic cancer has just a 10 percent survival rate. Usually, the only people who survive pancreatic cancer are those who find it before there are symptoms, but Paul said he had about a 1-5 years prognosis.

At the time, rumors spread about his condition, so he clarified in a comment: “Some people have erroneously posted online that I'm ‘Stage 4.’ I am NOT. It was caught very early and I'm going to be here for a long time. I posted this video for two reasons: 1) to head off comments telling me I look tired/bad/etc. 2) to get out in front of the lies stalkers will tell.”

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But on Jan. 6, 2024, Paul introduced his channel to his brother, Roy. He explained that Roy would be taking over as he shared in a video, “I try to read all the comments. And yes, it would take a miracle for me to get past this. I have only a couple of weeks left. Your kind words are greatly helpful. Thank you."

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Paul will share all of his health updates with his followers on his channel first.

Once Roy took over, Paul started appearing less and less on his own channel. Again, rumors spread and people started to believe that Paul had actually died. He commented on the video in February 2024, “Hey everyone, Once again, I'm not dead. That was a hoax. I'm not dead until you get an official announcement FROM THIS CHANNEL.”

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And while he took a noticeable break from appearing regularly in videos, by late June 2024, he was once again making consistent videos. On July 4, 2024, he posted a video to celebrate America by shooting a gun and perfectly hitting the targets. The only difference is that now, he’s on a crutch. But it seems like Paul’s health could be inclining, even if he still only has a short time to live.

One person even commented on a recent video, “Paul ‘I'm not dead until I tell you I'm Dead’ Harrell. Look at him go.” Another added, “‘Hold my crutch while I shoot better than you.’” Many fans agreed that Paul is looking healthier as one stated, “I think the fact that Paul has stepped back, taking time to rest and be with family has restored some of his health.”

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Hopefully, Paul really is doing better. As we know, cancer can be treated and cured, but the cancer journey is also not a linear process. For now, we’re just grateful Paul is doing well.

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